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Testy Testimonials 

Elle Décor (June-July 2007)
The Cottage is an ideal home that is comfortable, cozy and quirkily individual.
Combine her redoubtable character with an interior full of warmth and charm, the promised special stay becomes a done deal.
Outlook Traveller Getaway 
sweet smelling sheets, bonfires by the camphor trees and good wholesome fresh food rustle up great memories to take home as souvenirs.
Hindustan Times (14 April, 2006)
This lovely hill home has a homely feel to it…
The Cottage has its own gallery of beautiful door-ways and window frames. Souvenirs of a time when kings of Nepal ruled the region.
Outlook (January 15, 2001) 
…and as bird-song filled my ears, fairy-land seemed to engulf me.
India Today Travel Plus (June 26, 2007)
In the rains the red roof, and walls green with ivy, make a very English impression.
There is a copper bukhari, modified so you see the fire burning…but what gives the room the warmest feeling is the Kumaoni wood-work, carved with what you later realize are motifs as diverse as Ganesha, wisteria and owls
India Today Plus (May, 2002)

…All the doors and windows have been created with some of the finest examples   of ancient wood carving unique to Kumaon hills. They frame flowers and trees, bringing nature inside. Every room is beautifully decorated. Even the bathrooms are pieces of art—MURAD ALI BAIG
Exotica (December 07)

Gleaming teak floors, cosy, cushioned arm-chairs…bright flowers in delicate vases catching the sun-light filtering in through the glass bay windows
Femina (January 18, 2006) 
Bhuvan Kumari’s “The Cottage”, a snug, cosy retreat with all the home comforts without lifting a finger.
Pioneer (June 3, 2000)
…A house of unexpected beauty.
Design & Interiors (August-September 1999)
The joy Bhuvan gets from her lovely home is infectious and all her guests return to the warmth of her home every time they want to leave behind the stress of the city.
Good House-Keeping (April 2007)
The Cottage Jeolikot, an English country house built on the side of a hill,…a home like atmosphere so your child will feel comfortable
Go Now (July 2003)
The resort has six well appointed rooms, each with splendid views of the Himalayas . The interiors shout comfort, especially the large, over-stuffed arm-chairs plus sheer abundance of cushions.
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